Our faith is an essential aspect of our personal lives, and we view The Wellness Tribe CIC's work as our divine mission. We warmly invite individuals from all backgrounds and faiths to avail themselves of our services and support, and to join us in our mission. Our shared aspiration is for everyone to coexist harmoniously, with mutual acceptance and encouragement, as we strive to realize our full potential in life.

Our ultimate mission is to assist communities across the globe in surmounting personal obstacles that hinder their progress and prevent them from leading fulfilling lives.

The Wellness Tribe day out for social prescribing, tackling lolliness and isolation - Jesmond Dene park, Newcastle Upon Tyne 



1. Deliver effective grassroot projects and safe support that improves the lives of members of all ages of our global communities, experiencing mental and emotional health issues, and other major challenges, such as asylum experience, poverty and unemployment. 

2. To support and assist with individuals’ emergency and welfare needs, such as needs around poverty and food insecurities, disasters, relief, humanitarian assistance and sustainable development 

3. We are a registered learning provider tackling lack of skills as a factor to poor mental health and we work to facilitate learning, skills training and bussiness opportunities in the UK and in developing countries- that increases the opportunities for employment, improves livelihood, progress social mobility to become more self-sustainable, which in turn has a positive impact on mental health & Wellbeing of an individual. 

4. To support individuals to access other professional services and help available to them, enabling them to benefit from the wider support, become more established within the community and overcome major challenges for a better wellbeing.