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Welcome to The Wellness Tribe CIC, we are dedicated to promoting mental health and wellbeing through lived experience and professional support. Our mission is to empower individuals and families in our global community to achieve personal progression by providing the necessary tools to lead a healthy and thriving life.

In addition to being a mental health provision, we are a registered learning provider, tackling lack of skills as a factor to poor mental health.

Take a look at our approach

Lived experience is at the heart of what we do, going hand in hand with our extensive professional experience in the different areas of our work.

At The Wellness Tribe CIC we believe that wellness is a multi-dimensional concept that encompasses all aspects of life.

Our logo symbolizes the eight dimensions of wellness that we emphasize in our work:

1. Physical wellness

2. Emotional wellness

3. Intellectual wellness

4. Social wellness

5. Spiritual wellness

6. Environmental wellness

7. Occupational wellness

8. Financial wellness

By emphasizing these eight dimensions of wellness, we strive to provide a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing that considers all aspects of an individual's life.

Through our services and activities, we aim to help individuals achieve balance, fulfillment, and personal progression in each of these areas.



Read about our community

Our community is made up of individuals who love to help the most vulnerable in our communities. We understand their experiences and barriers because we have similar background with those that we support. 

We welcome like-minded individuals who share a passion for helping others, mental health, wellness and personal growth, and we encourage everyone to connect with others to build a supportive network.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our services, resources, and community.

Join us on the path to better mental health, wellness, personal progression, and become a part of The Wellness Tribe today.



See some of the ways you can be involved

  • Commission our services 
  • Fundraise with us
  • Share ideas and work together to tackle factors to poor mental health, prevent diseases and support the vulnerable 
  • Sponsor our projects 
  • Join our network of professionals and work with us as a professional associate, pro-bono service or/and as a mentor 
  • Donate work machines, IT equipment and tools for our employment enterprises 
  • Donate essentials and surplus to support the needy: clothing and shoes;  food, hygiene kits, baby essential 
  • Become our ambassador and community champion 

 Do you have a different idea? We would love to hear from you! 

Take a look at Lucy's story- another example of our inclusive lived experience support

Need urgent help? Available 24/7

Your donation can support mental health and wellbeing in communities. Help us improve the lives of families like Neil and his loved ones. 

Together, we can create a brighter future for those struggling.

Donate now and be a part of the solution.




To read about our innovative vision touch here

In 2021 we had the opportunity to pilot a perfectly placed town centered space in Newcastle city centre named The Wellness Community Hub, The Wellness Community hub gave us a powerful ability and extensive opportunities to advance our work, expand our services to effectively fulfil our aims, that ultimately transforms and rebuild different walks of lives.

Our services have been in high demand, particularly for our lived experience support and innovative approach to mental health. 

We have played a crucial role in social prescribing, providing assistance to those who have exhausted local support, including that from the NHS. Our services have effectively filled the gap in mental health and wellbeing support for minoritised communities, and our advocacy efforts have been instrumental in shaping policies to ensure culturally sensitive and appropriate support is available to individuals like us and those who share similar experiences with us from outside the Minoritised groups. 



We offer a unique and valuable service that leverages the power of lived experience to enhance outcomes for clients and beneficiaries. Our team is made up of individuals who have personally experienced the challenges that many of our clients face. This firsthand experience allows us to bring a deeper level of empathy, understanding, and insight to the services we offer.

We are available for commissioning to help improve a range of services, including aslyum seekees and refugees support, mental health and wellbeing, employability skills and opportunities, adult education, and more, for all the different groups within our communities.

Our team can work collaboratively with your organisation to ensure that our lived experience is integrated in a way that maximise impact and improves outcomes.

By commissioning us, you can be assured that you are working with a team that is dedicated to promoting inclusivity, equity, and positive change.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your services and improve outcomes for your clients and beneficiaries.

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